Sunday, February 19, 2012

A.J. Trade Finally Becomes Official

I had to wait.  I couldn't jump in with everybody else and celebrate/talk about the A.J. trade to the Pirates on Friday or Saturday as if it were official.  I wanted to, but I couldn't.  Not until I knew the physical was passed and Bud approved the deal.  After all that A.J. put me through, I had to make sure he was dead and gone before I celebrated.  Kind of like he was Michael Myers.

And now that time to celebrate has come, thanks to this tweet from Mr. Yankee, Jon Heyman:

"Burnett passed the physical and mlb approved the trade. Done deal."

Done deal.  Done deal indeed.

I was out of ice for the champagne, but goddamn, it did its job!  And Korbel has never tasted so delicious.

There's an Incubus song that I've always liked, and I think the lyrics to its chorus ring more true to me when talking about A.J. Burnett being traded away from the Yankees than ever before:

I haven't felt the way I feel today
In so long it's hard for me to specify
I'm beginning to notice
How much this feels like a waking limb
Pins and needles
Nice to know you

The dead limb on the body that is the Yankee rotation has not only been awoken, but chopped off and fed to the poor.  Goodbye, A.J.  It's been fun (not really).  I'll always remember Game 2 of the '09 World Series; the argument could be made that the Yankees won that World Series thanks to your performance in Game 2.  And I'll also always remember the 15-inning game against the Fraud Sawx when you went toe to toe with Beckett and Game 4 of last year's ALDS, where you gave the Yankees one more night.  But all in all, there's too much of your time in pinstripes that I'd like to forget.  So best of luck to you in Pittsburgh, and as this song for the older generation of Yankee fans, hand picked by my father, says- So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodnight.

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