Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rule 5 Wrap-Up

Flying well under the "Albert Pujols/C.J. Wilson Free Agent Mega Orgy" radar today was the Rule 5 draft.  The Yankees had a few guys out there who could have been taken, but ended up not losing anybody through the draft while adding 2 pitchers.  Here's the quick recap.

- To clear space before the draft, the Yanks released Greg Golson.  He wasn't much with the stick despite being a tremendous athlete (copyright: Jay Bilas) and solid defensive player.  Just lessens the back end depth of the "4th OFer" pool.

- Yankees selected RHP Brad Meyers from the Nationals.  Dude throws 4 pitches and has decent MiL peripherals, but injuries have derailed his progress.  He'll be looked at as a candidate to fill the long man role out of the bullpen.

- Yanks also added a LHP through a trade with the Royals, who selected Cesar Cabral from the Fraud Sawx and then shipped him to New York for cash.  Cabral's stuff and R/L splits don't make him an ideal 2nd lefty option, but his high K rate could make him a diamond in the rough.

It's likely that neither Meyers nor Cabral will stick with the Yankees, but it's always good to give yourself cheap options.  I can't imagine they were expecting much from the Cory Wade trade last year and look how that turned out.

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