Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sawxenfreude 2.0 Has Already Started...

You can't make this stuff up.

"A Boston Red Sox official told at least one player at the beginning of the managerial search that they 'weren't going to hire Bobby Valentine or someone like that,' a clubhouse source told last week.

The conversation suggests that Valentine, known as a no-nonsense manager in stints with the Mets and Rangers over 15 years, was perceived by some as a darkhorse candidate that would not be popular with some players.

'They're going to have a mess on their hands,' the source said when asked what would happen if Valentine, who at that time was just one of several candidates, was hired.

ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney had heard similar rumblings, citing sources Wednesday saying that 'some Red Sox players have been upset' that Valentine had emerged as a candidate and have been 'grumbling to each other, through texts and phone calls.'"

Holy shit, are you serious???  Already?????

I mean, I knew this was going to blow up in Bahhston's face.  I was only 20% joking with my Bobby V posts the last couple days.  But the dude has literally been on the job for less than a day and word around the Fraud Sawx water cooler is that players aren't happy and they're texting each other about it like little girls because their days of not working out, skipping their side sessions, and playing MW3 online are over.  Sources are popping up out of the woodwork to talk anonymously to anybody with a press credential.  It's like Beer&ChickenGate all over again.


(story courtesy of The Worldwide Leader in Fraud Sawx Nation)

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