Friday, November 4, 2011

Hey, How Are The Mets Doing?

Anybody heard?  What are their big offseason plans?  Have they already made an offer to Jose Reyes to try to keep him around?  Do they have any big pitching targets?  What are they doing this offseason??

"After Citi Field produced the third-fewest homers in the National League last season, Mets officials decided to reduce the in-play surface area by 2 percent, general manager Sandy Alderson said. The playing surface beyond 300 feet from home plate is being reduced by 5 percent."

 (New dimensions shown in blue.  Courtesy of The Mets)

"[The] dramatic dimension changes to Citi Field ... should mean the home team belting more than 25 additional home runs in 2012."

25 extra home runs??? ZOMFG!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!1!!1  Factor that in the extra home runs the new dimensions will allow to opposing teams, and the Mets' shitty pitching, and those extra 25 dingers should get them another 2-3 wins in 2012.  We're talking creeping back up towards .500 here, people!  THIS IS HUUUUUUUUGE NEWS!!!!!

Good to see that nothing has changed over in Met Land even with Omar and Crazy Jerry gone.  They're still just as incompetent as ever.  The Yankees address their offseason needs by picking up the options on 2 of their more productive offensive players, one of them a Silver Slugger Award winner, re-signing their GM, and extending their ace who happens to be one of the best starting pitchers in baseball all in about a week.  The Mets address their needs by making their field dimensions a little closer to Little League standard to help their crummy batch of Quadruple-A-caliber players.  It's brilliant.

Another great day to be a Mets fan.

(Quotes courtesy of ESPNNY.  Read the whole article for a few more laughs if you have the time.)

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