Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kruk & Valentine "Astounded" By Yankees' Success This Year

(Not an intelligent man)

It comes as no surprise that John Kruk and Bobby Valentine are absolute morons, but the doozy they dropped on BBTN last night was all-world in its stupidity.

In a short segment discussing Jorge Posada being left out of the lineup on Sunday night and what it means for him and the team moving forward, they ended the piece rattling off a bunch of Yankee storylines from the season, including the "no #2 starter" one and the fact that Soriano is back pitching the 7th inning instead of the 8th, and concluding that it was "absolutely astounding" that the Yankees were only a game back of Bahhhhhhston this season.

Let's do a quick recap of what the Yankee roster includes, shall we?  This should help temper their amazement.

- A guy who has been one of the top 3-5 best starters in baseball this year in CC Sabathia.

- A Gold Glove-winning, multiple All Star at first base who has 32 HR and 86 RBI this year in Mark Teixeira.

- The best second baseman in baseball, who even in a down year, is still on pace to score and drive in 100 runs and be worth 5 WAR in Robinson Cano.

- The best all-around outfield in baseball in C-Grand (a legit MVP candidate), Brett Gardner (a legit Gold Glove candidate), and Swish (crushing it since June).

- 2 of the 3 best relief pitchers in baseball this year in D-Rob and Mo.

- A shortstop who has hit over .300 and OPS'd over .800 since returning to the lineup in July in Derek Jeter.

- A third baseman who, before he got hurt, was still the best at his position in terms of WAR in A-Rod.

When you take all those facts in, FACTS, it really shouldn't be astounding to anybody that the Yankees are only a game back.  If they could pull their heads out of their asses against the Sawx, they'd be leading the division right now!  Even though there's no clear cut #2, they have a staff of guys who have contributed like solid #3-#4 starters all year and are each capable of going out and pitching like an ace on any given night.  And the bullpen was just fine without Sour Puss Soriano, so getting him back is a luxury, regardless of where he pitches.  Injuries or no injuries, Jorge or no Jorge, the Yankees are one of the best teams in baseball, they have been since Opening Day, and it's really no surprise why with the talent level and production they've gotten from their team.

What's really astounding is how Kruk and Valentine bring home a paycheck for this type of analysis.  Just another case of lazy, unfounded, anti-Yankee commentary from the Worldwide Leader in Fraud Sawx Fans.

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