Wednesday, August 3, 2011

AB4AR Summer Vacation

I'll be taking a much needed mini-vacation starting tomorrow.  I'm heading down to Myrtle Beach with 2 friends and will not be bringing my computer with me.  I'm sure I can find access to one easily, but I want this to be a real vacation, so as a result you won't be seeing any new stuff on AB4AR until next Monday.

I know this is devastating news, but don't hang your heads.  During my absence, there's plenty that you, dear readers, can do.  First and foremost on the list should be checking out the official AB4AR Facebook page and "Liking" it, if you haven't already done it.  Feel free to check out AB4AR's Greatest Hits on the homepage, search the archives, whatever.  For the best coverage of the continuing goings on of the Yankees, I would direct everyone to the best in the business, LoHud, RAB, IIATMS, and Larry and the boys at TYA.

Big thanks to everyone for visiting the site, commenting, and hopefully telling their fellow Yankee fans.  It's that stuff that makes doing this solo worth it, so I thank you and I'll promise to be back on Monday morning to fill the tremendous void that my vacation will undoubtedly cause in your lives.

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