Thursday, July 28, 2011

How's That $142 Million Working Out For Ya?

I know the Fraud Sawx are rolling right now and making a little gap in the AL East race, but I still think it's the right time for a fun little reminder of how well the Carl Crawford signing has gone for them.  Here's Carl's numbers to date:

.248/.283/.379 t-slash, .298 wOBA, 78 wRC+, 38 R, 23 XBH, 11 SB, -0.9 UZR/150, 0.0 WAR

Mind you he's "earning" $14,857,143 this season for that "production."  By comparison, for $529,500, the Yankee equivalent of a Best Buy gift card, Brett Gardner is putting up these numbers:

.285/.367/.407 t-slash, .355 wOBA, 122 wRC+, 53 R, 25 XBH, 32 SB, 23.4 UZR/150, 3.6 WAR

Gardner has also managed to stay healthy.  So yeah, I guess the Yankees are winning big time on that deal.  But Sawx fans can look on the bright side.  They've only got another 6 years and $127 mil of Crawford left. 

P.S.- How's John Lackey doing?

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