Saturday, July 9, 2011


The 3,000 Hit Club has its newest member, and that member is Derek Jeter.

After leading off the bottom of the 1st with a solid single off of David Price, Jeter came up with 1 down in the bottom of the 3rd and worked a 3-2 count against Price before yanking a slider that just hung up enough into the left field seats for a home run and his 3,000th career hit.  If you wrote it up as a Hollywood script, you would be told to go back and change it because it would be too cliche.  But you wouldn't expect anything else from The Captain. already has the video up, and you can watch the whole thing right here.  It was cool to see Jorge Posada come out to be the first to greet him at home plate, and cool to see Johnny Damon come out of the vistors' dugout and applaud.  Just the latest and greatest in the long history of classic Jeter moments.

Congratulations to Derek Jeter on this historic accomplishment.

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