Monday, May 16, 2011

No Worries, Everybody. It's All Good Now

Derek Jeter even said so today after he, Hal, Cash, and Randy Levine had a conference call earlier.

"We are all on the same page." - Jeter

See?  They're all on the same page.  Everything is fine.  We have nothing to worry about.  All the problems have been solved.  Except that Girardi wasn't on the conference call and probably should have been, nobody knows what the conference call was about, Jorge STILL hasn't apologized to his teammates, and Hal and Randy Levine should never be involved with any baseball-related conference call because they don't know shit about baseball!

But hey, they're all on the same page.  Too bad it's Page 13 of this book:

ZING!!!  Take that, guys.

Now seriously.  Cut the crap with all this behind-the-scenes garbage and get back to focusing on fixing the real problem.  That being the horrible play on the field.

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