Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yanks Rained Out Again. Freddy Garcia Might Never Get A Start

Another extra off day thanks to Mother Nature, another discussion about pushing Freddy Garcia's first start of the season back as a result.

We know there will be no doubleheader in this series, we know A.J. is pitching tomorrow, and we know Phil is pitching Thursday.  Today's unscheduled off day means Ivan Nova could be lined up to pitch Friday and then who knows beyond that.

I can't argue with the logic of giving the pitchers you believe are better more starts over inferior ones, but I kinda feel bad for Freddy here.  He's like the girl at the prom who was in a horrific car accident that left her horribly scarred.  Everybody feels bad, but there ain't nobody stepping up to the plate and offering to dance with her.

Hang in there, Freddy.  You'll get to start a game sooner or later.  And if it ends up being later, then at least you can get some more 8th-inning mop-up work, right?

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