Friday, April 15, 2011

Hughes To The DL

It's not the solution I wanted to see (at least not without confirmation that there is or isn't something medically wrong with him), but at least a decision has been made on how to handle Phil Hughes' alarming and continuing lack of velocity.  Maybe this phantom DL trip will be good for him, maybe it won't.  But it is a better option than throwing him out there and letting him get shelled, physically and mentally, and sacrificing the chance to win for the opportunity to see if he magically regains his form.

And as an interesting side note to this situation, who would have thought that the original AB4AR Phil Hughes Photoshop would still be relevant this year.  Too bad this time it's because he's throwing the ball like a pageant queen.

Sorry, Phil.  Get that strength back and we'll see you in 15 days.

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