Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thoughts On The Yankee ALDS Roster

I almost had it nailed, but 24 out of 25 ain't bad.  Here's who Joe decided to take:

Lineup: Jeter, Swish, Teix, The Horse, Cano, Jorge, Berkman, C-Grand, Gardner
Rotation: CC, Andy, Hughes
Bullpen: Mo, Wood, D-Rob, Boone Logan, Joba, A.J., Mitre, Moseley
Bench: Cervelli, Thames, Kearns, Pena, Golson

I can't really argue or say I'm surprised with any of that.  We all know that Eduardo Nunez is a better stick and baserunner than Pena, but there was no way he was getting on based on seniority.  And I thought Nova was the better option as the other bullpen guy because of his success the first time through a lineup and the fact that Minnesota hadn't seen him, but Moseley having a bit more experience and a few instances of a job well done in long relief probably swung more in his favor and overrode the fact that he doesn't miss bats.

In any case, the lineup is set.  Thames and Berkman should see the same amount of plate appearances with Minnesota's alternating of righties and lefties.  Golson gives Joe the late-game speed option he loves, but if Swish's knee is good to go then I wouldn't use him to run for anybody except Jorge or whoever is DH'ing.  And it will be interesting to see where A.J. fits in the hierarchy of long relief with Mitre and Moseley also on board, that is if Joe decides to use him at all.

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