Monday, September 27, 2010

Praising The A-Horse

Well the playoffs must be getting near, because everybody and their mother is starting to climb back on the "A-Rod is Awesome" bandwagon, a bandwagon that I haven't left all year, despite the down tripleslash numbers and lingering injuries.  I will say, though, that any time there's stats involved showing just how majestic The Horse has been, I'm on board with it.  Like this post from Mike A. at RAB:

"Since returning from the disabled list and an injured calf, A-Rod has hit .333/.415/.710 with eight homers in 19 games, and if you go back to before the DL stint, he’s hit 13 homers in his last 29 starts. That his pushed him past for the 4.0 fWAR threshold (it’s 4.1, to be exact) yet again, the 15th consecutive season he’s been no worse than a four-win player. Those 15 seasons represent almost the entirety of Alex’s career, which started in earnest with his age-20 season in 1996."

Take a look at THAT tripleslash line and start complaining, will ya?  Or how about this little nugget from Joel Sherman's 3UP post today:

"... here is a question: Who has had more big hits for the Yanks this season, Cano or A-Rod? Both had big moments last night: A-Rod hit a two-run homer in the seventh to put the Yankees ahead 2-1 and Cano tied the score with an RBI single in the ninth after Rivera blew the save.

On the season, however, Rodriguez has 22 hits that have put the Yankees ahead compared to 12 for Cano, who actually has been better in the clutch this year than ever before. It is just that Rodriguez has turned into the hitter the Yanks want up in a big spot more than anyone else – by a lot.

And think about what that means; how completely Rodriguez has altered the perception that he is a choker. He got into a better place mentally last year and then had a postseason in which he cemented a reputation as someone who can thrive under the greatest pressure. That has extended into this year. Rodriguez simply has tremendous at-bats in big spots."

Oh yeah, that's just literary sex right there.  I'm at half mast right now and it's the 13th time I've read it.

You know what, screw the A-Horse.  At this point, with the brightest stage mere days away, the stage on which he completely outshined everybody else last year, he has become something more, something greater.  He is now Secreta-Rod and it's only a matter of time before he starts showing just how wide the gap still is between himself and his competition.

(Swanny Duckson does it again)

 Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find some lotion and watch the highlights of the 2009 postseason to finish myself off.

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