Thursday, September 9, 2010

Catching Up With The Mets And Their Good Deeds

Some of you may have noticed a glaring absence of Met-bashing here at AB4AR lately.  I could apologize for that since it is one of my hobbies and favorite topics to cover on the site, but honestly, with as pathetic as the Mets have been over the course of this season, I just didn't feel like I could come up with anything to make what they were doing on and off the field any funnier or entertaining than it already was.  That is, until I read Mike Puma's piece in today's NY Post about some of their players' latest great decsion.  Here are the highlights:

WASHINGTON -- Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo, and Oliver Perez can add a missed visit to a military hospital to the Mets' laundry list of issues with them.

According to a clubhouse source, COO Jeff Wilpon wasn't happy that the trio of underachievers skipped the team's visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Tuesday.

Beltran said he had a foundation meeting about a high school he is building in his native Puerto Rico.  "I don't know who is creating this issue, but [last] offseason I went to visit a veterans hospital in New York, so it's not that I'm against it," Beltran said. "I went with Fred Wilpon, I liked it and I wanted to go [this time]. But I had my own things to do, and I couldn't make it."

Castillo also denied he was trying to make a statement by not visiting the hospital.  "I don't like to see people like that, so I never go there," Castillo said. "Sometimes you see people with no legs, no arms. I don't like to see that."

Perez refused to address the subject.  "I don't answer anything about outside the stadium," he said.

So there you have it.  Not only are the Mets and their players a complete and utter embarrassment to the game of baseball, some of them are also interested in pissing in the collective faces of the brave men and women who risk their lives on a daily basis to preserve the freedom that allows them to make exorbitant amounts of money by playing a fucking game.  I mean the Yankees already have a laundry list of good causes they and their players take part in (HOPE Week, Turn 2 Foundation, Jorge Posada Foundation, Grand Kids Foundation, want me to keep going?), but you can be damn sure that if Teix, Robbie Cano, and D-Rob were scheduled to show up at an army medical center then they would be at the damn medical center. 

And it's not even like the excuses are any good either.  High schools in Puerto Rico, Carlos?  Come on, dude.  School year's already fucking started.  If that shit ain't built now then there's no point in trying to make it happen.  You've already wasted valuable learning time for those kids. 

And I'm sorry that you don't like seeing veterans in pain who have had their limbs blown off, Luis, but how do you think THEY feel about having to be laying there in pain missing those limbs???  More importantly, with all the added pain they suffer through from watching you and your teammates get your heads kicked in on an almost daily basis, don't you think the least you could do is show up and let them spit at you?

And Ollie, who the fuck are you kidding with this 'not talking about anything outside the stadium' bullshit?  You don't do anything INSIDE the stadium that anybody wants to talk about.  Shit, at this point I would be shocked if there was anybody anywhere that wanted to talk to you about anything other than how they could kill you and the team could escape the rest of your horrible contract.  Just admit that you were afraid one of the vets in the medical center was going to stab you for sucking so much and get on with your life.

It's bad enough that the Mets are killing their fans slowly from the inside out with their wretched play on the field.  You would think they would at least want to try to brighten up a few lives and sign a few autographs off the field, but some of them can't even do that.  I'd like to say I'm surprised, but when your team is run by this dude:

(We know, Jerry.  There ain't much going on up there)

 ... that pretty much tells the whole story right there.

Fuck the Mets.

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