Friday, September 24, 2010

Are The Yankees Actually Playing The Red Sox This Weekend?

And does it even matter if they are anymore?  The Red Sox haven't been relevant since June.  Can't we just skip this series and the next 2 and get right to the ALDS?

The rivalry used to mean something, but now it's almost like picking on a 5-year-old blind kid compared to the level of competition the Rays present.  The bottom line is the Yankees have bigger fish to fry than the sad sack, ass backwards, "boo-hoo, we have so many injuries" Red Sox.  I'm sure they will put up a good fight and use this series and the season ender as some kind of pathetic rallying cry to build momentum for 2011, but the fact is the Red Sox have fallen off the radar and they aren't going to be part of the playoff picture next year either.

Normally I wouldn't miss a Yanks-Sox series, but when I think about the one starting tonight, all I can say is...

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