Friday, August 27, 2010

Somebody Tell Me There's A Team Option In His Contract

A.J., I don't have words to describe how disgusting your performance was tonight.  You make me absolutely sick and I hope you fall down in the shower in your hotel room tomorrow morning and are out for the rest of the season.  If I could, I would sever every tendon, muscle, and ligament in both of your arms so that you had to have Tommy John, Timmy Jim, Tony Jack, and every other surgery known to man to keep you out of the rotation and off the mound for the remainder of your fucking contract.

I know the rest of your supporting cast behind you didn't show up tonight, and that never helps, but the team has picked you up in your shitty starts enough times and you've been in the big leagues long enough that you should have a little hair on your peaches at this point and be able to bear down and pitch well to help the rest of the club out when it's clear they don't have their A-game.  At this point, you and Javy can both go play in fucking rush hour traffic for all I care.  Fuck off and die.

P.S.- Joe, it's time to cut the shit with the cliches and press conferences about fucking Chicago and what you're doing next year and time to close the locker room doors and air these motherfuckers out.  It's been like watching "Night of The Living Dead" with all the sloppy, lackadaisical bullshit out there lately.  Step up and do your fucking job and get these motherfuckers re-focused.

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