Thursday, August 5, 2010

Really, Sports Illustrated?

So this was the picture blasted all over the front page of this afternoon as the visual background for a "pro vs. con"-style debate on legalizing PEDs in sports:

Really, SI?  You're going to make A-Rod the new face of the PED controversy just because he just hit his 600th home run yesterday?  What about Bonds and McGwire?  What about David Ortiz, who is having a strangely solid season this year after being outed as a cheater and almost being shitty enough to get benched last season while A-Rod's power numbers are down dramatically across the board?  What about Lance Armstrong, who has accusers coming out of the woodwork now in regards to his doping allegations?

I would expect this kind of cheap, blatant anti-Yankee rhetoric from ESPN because that's just what they do, but not from SI.  Just a sad, pathetic, lazy display by the folks there.  Leave A-Rod alone, people.

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nutballgazette said...

S I is dying, They need to something to gather readers, I do not know anyone who reads SI anymore