Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tonight's A New Night

I'm just going to pretend that last night's game never happened.  It's all about tonight's game and focusing on winning this one.

And Cleveland has a pitcher who has actually pitched in the Majors on the mound tonight in Fausto Carmona, so the Yankees at least have a snowball's chance.

Yes sir, things are looking up!


Unknown said...

Bra-.....I mean, "Captain",

Are you going to cry when A-Rod hits #600? Vegas odds have you at a 5-2 favorite for crying. Any inside information you can give me??

Unknown said...

5-2 odds, huh? I would jump on that right now if I were you because most likely, yes, I will be crying like a little girl when A-Rod jacks # 600.

But it won't be because he reached the 600-HR mark. It will be because it will probably happen on the one night that I decide to go out instead of staying home to watch ESPN's constant updates of his at-bats. They will be tears of sadness at my own stupidity.

So there's your inside info. Take that and run with it.