Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nice Catch, Douche

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Were people really that riled up over the weekend about the Yankees trading for Dan Haren?  Dan Fucking Haren?  The guy is having the worst year of his career, has a spotty history against the AL East, and, as last night showed, clearly can't field his position to save his life.  And the Yankees were considering trading Joba, Ivan Nova, Z-Mac, AND Dellin Betances for this dude??  Give me a fucking break.

I know Mitre sucked over the weekend, but there's no reason to jump off a bridge and panic about the rotation.  The Yankees didn't need Dan Haren, and they don't need Roy Oswalt.  They can patch it together for a few weeks and hold the lead until Andy comes back.  At least he knows how to field a comebacker, it's just the throwing to first that gives him problems.

Get up, you candyass, and stop crying.  You got hit in the arm.  Pussy.

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