Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Afternoon Mini-Linkapalooza

Just enough to kill some time on a Friday afternoon before everybody rushes home to hopefully watch The Horse make some history.

- Ben Kabak at RAB discusses the Yankee DH situation and how it's actually not as bad as everybody thinks.  Sure, the fact that the Yanks' collective DH numbers are above league average says more about how shitty the AL DHs have been this year than about how good the Yanks' DHs have been, but as Ben points out, they've still been winning.  Because of that fact, there really shouldn't be a rush to trade for a full-time DH or prematurely promote The Jesus right now.

- Matt at TYU comments on something Derek Jeter said to Chad Jennings about his approach and examines some of Jeter's numbers this year and how they indicate a need to change his approach.  I personally was a little surprised to see Jeter say something that dumb.  It's really pretty simple; if what you're doing ain't working, then you try something else.  Jeter is a pro, he'll figure it out and his numbers will be solid by year's end, but maybe his failure to change his approach explains his un-Jeter-like numbers thus far.

- Gary Wallace at NoMass has his midseason Top 10 Yankee prospects report up.  If I wasn't at work when I read this I totally would have masturbated to it.  I know not all of these guys are going to pan out, but it's still awesome to see all this high-ceiling talent back in the farm system.  It's a far cry from a few years ago.

- The previously mentioned Chad from LoHud has some interesting tidbits on A-Rod's homer history against the Royals that should whet everyone's appetite for this weekend.

- Justin at Seat Geek takes the 600th homer buildup a step further by trying to pinpoint where A-Rod's 600th HR will land.  God bless Justin for taking the time to calculate all that shit out, because I know I couldn't do it, nor would I want to.

And just in case anybody cares, given my tremendous track record of predictions, you can put me down for bottom of the 3rd on Saturday for when A-Diaz makes it happen.  2 outs, nobody on, solo shot into the leftfield bullpen.  Mark it down, bet on it if you can, and thank me on Monday.

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