Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It Must Be Great To Be An Indians Fan

"Pain I say!!!  Headtatoe!!  Oh God, we stink!!"

I know this is a bit old, but how fucking awesome is Bruce Drennan?  Fucking guy just calling it like it is.  No bullshitting, no excuses, just flat out calling it like he sees it and not even thinking about considering pulling a punch.  It's videos like this that remind me how great it is to be a Yankee fan.  So they've lost 2 in a row and have more injuries than the train wreck at the beginning of "Unbreakable."  They still aren't the Indians and they still don't have good old Bruce throwing them to wolves for how awful they're playing.

Oh no, instead the Yankees have the luxury of having their balls licked and taints waxed by the likes of Michael "See Ya!!!" Kay and the dynamic duo of Johnny Catchphrase and Big Suze.  So if there is anybody freaking out out there over the current Yankee situation, just sit back and watch this video, count to 10, and realize that it's going to be OK.

Good times.  Good fucking times.

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