Monday, April 12, 2010

Break Out Your Tuesday Best...

(Courtesy of the AP)

Because tomorrow is going to be the tits and then some! Flyovers, giant American flags, Bernie Williams, and a matchup against a pitcher that the Yanks have a history of smacking around worse than Rihanna. Yes sir, it's shaping up to be a picture home opener. I'm popping half a stack here just thinking about it and I'm not even going to be in the same time zone.

In the mean time, the Red Sox, with their new commitment to pitching and defense, are crashing into each other in the outfield, crashing into each other in foul territory, dropping pop ups, bruising ribs , and watching their spotty bullpen continue to give up leads.

Not to be outdone, the Mets have already reverted to hitting at a 3rd-grade level, they have their ace giving up grand slams to the Nationals, and their closer is more interested in starting fights with Willie Harris than getting outs. All of this after just 6 games.

You look at all that and it makes you feel a little better about the fact that Javy Vazquez getting his face smashed in on Friday night is the Yankees' biggest issue right now. And if everybody else pitches like they have been, that's barely even an issue.

Damn it feels good to be a Yankee fan!

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