Monday, March 8, 2010

Will A-Rod Be The Next To Fall To The Galea Curse?

After his meeting with the Feds last week regarding his connections to sketchball doctor Tony Galea, the A-Horse might want to start thinking about being a little more careful at Spring Training. Not because the Yankees, who were reportedly upset at the news of the Rodriguez-Galea connection and made a public statement distancing themselves from the situation, are more than likely upset that Rodriguez brought more unneeded attention on himself. Not because the league could possibly monitor the situation and hand down punishments if any wrongdoings are uncovered. Not even because it brings back all the mentions of A-Rod's steroids scandal from last year.

No, A-Rod needs to be careful for the sole reason that so far, every other athlete connected to this guy has gone down in flames. From Tiger Woods' personal downfall right in front of our eyes to Carlos Beltran's sudden knee injury/surgery before Spring Training to Jose Reyes' new thyroid condition that was discovered last week, everything this Galea character touches turns to shit.

Rodriguez got clearance from his doctor in the off-season that he would not need additional surgery and his hip was good to go, and if the stories in Page Six are true he's been getting in plenty of work both on and off the field to keep the hip strengthened, but with the latest news about Reyes' condition, The Horse might want to think twice before taking extra BP or running a few late-practice wind sprints. The last thing the Yankees or their fans need is to open the paper in a week or two and find out A-Rod has torn his quad and been diagnosed with male breast cancer, and have it traced back to his participation in Galea's alien blood cycling program.

So be careful, A-Rod. Make sure you have your batting helmet on when you're in the cage. Drink your milk, take your vitamins, stretch before everything, and don't wear your fucking spikes in the batting cage. Help break the Galea Curse and don't, for the love of God, become its latest victim.

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