Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Time To Go Back To The Future

Ever since the Randy Winn signing, the majority of Yankee talk has been about the what if's and the why's? Why didn't Damon take the Yankees offer? What if the Yankees offered him more money? Why didn’t they wait Damon out longer to see if his price would drop more? Why didn't they go after Reed Johnson instead of Winn? What if Damon goes to Tampa? What if Damon goes to Detroit?

What if we all just stopped talking about what didn't happen in the past and instead focused on the future? What about that? The bottom line is, the Yankees signed the guy they wanted and it wasn't Damon. The team is complete and staring straight down the barrel of Spring Training, so let's just all forget about the what if's and the who's that the Bombers don't have. Instead, let's start focusing on who they do have and the issues that are important for the upcoming season, such as Joba or Hughes in the 5-spot or bullpen, who's going to play left field, who's going to play center field, how the new bench guys will perform, where Granderson fits into the lineup, whether or not this is the year that Cano puts it all together, and which Hollywood starlet A-Horse is going to shack up with next.

I'll admit, I was just as guilty as everyone else in my assessment of the deal that was (Winn) and the deal that wasn't (Damon), but at this point, I could care less where Johnny Damon wants to go and where he ends up. I don't care if the dude plays at all this year. What's done is done and it can't be changed so let's leave it in the past, gun this bitch up to 88MPH, and start steaming towards the 2010 season.

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