Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A-Rod & K-Hud On The Outs??? (GASP!)

Alex Rodriguez spent the weekend flirting with a string of beautiful girls in Miami -- telling one, "I'm definitely single," sources tell Page Six.

The Yankee slugger was "acting like a single man," partying with two pretty girls at the W Hotel Friday before zeroing in on a blonde at the Armani Exchange Sunglass dinner at The Delano on Saturday.

Reps for both Kate and A-Rod declined to confirm that the pair had split, although a source told us last night, "They've definitely broken up. There's been some drama before about his roving eye. But this isn't the first time they've split up and got back together."

On Friday, "he partied with two women at the W and looked relaxed and happy. Miami is his home, so he always gets approached by girls," a witness said.

The next night, a source said, "at the Armani Exchange dinner, A-Rod didn't eat a thing because he was focused on this cute blonde -- who looked a bit like Kate. He literally didn't take his eyes off her.

"They left in a group and went to the Fontainebleau, where he hung out with the same blond girl and told other girls who approached him, 'I am definitely single.' " But he left with old pal Ingrid Casares.  )story courtesy of Page Six)
Cue all the jokes about "now A-Rod will suck in the clutch again," blah, blah, blah.  That's about what I would expect on a day when the biggest news is that the Phillies gave up their 3 best prospects in that stupid, roundabout Lee-for-Halladay trade, making it look even worse than it did yesterday, and the Fraud Sox signed 36-year-old Mike Cameron.
To be perfectly honest, I don't even see how this is news- or gossip-worthy.  Of course A-Rod is eye-fucking other chicks in Miami.  He's Alex-Goddamn-Rodriguez for Christ's sake.  He just got finished having one of the greatest and most productive postseasons in Yankee history, culminating in his first, and the team's 27th, World Series title.  In just one short month he erased all the doubts about his ability to perform when it mattered and re-established himself as the premier player in baseball.  And he did it all despite the fact that he had his brainless girlfriend plop her lazy ass down in the field-level seats with her douchebag dad and hog his camera time while she failed to stand and cheer for him even once, or even seem to understand how the game of baseball works.  If you ask me, I don't think Kate helped A-Rod out so much as he, through her being tied to him, helped get her back into the media spotlight.
Think about it, when's the last time you heard about the great new Kate Hudson movie?  How often was Extra or Entertainment Tonight leading with what Kate was wearing on the red carpet or what her latest plans were?  The chick had practically fallen off the face of the Earth until she decided to ride A-Rod's rod, so all this garbage about how she helped calm A-Rod down and get him in the right frame of mind is bullshit. 
A-Rod got himself into the right frame of mind by finally forgetting about what people thought of him or what the right thing to say was and just playing ball.  He trusted in his abilities and those of his teammates and he ended up producing the way everybody always thought he would and should in the clutch.  The fact that Kate Hudson was being dragged in his wake of success means nothing other than she was along for the ride and damn lucky to be there.
If A-Rod wants to eye-fuck or actually fuck a whole gaggle of blondes on Miami Beach then that's what he's entitled to do as a multi-millionaire, a Yankee, and a champion.  Kate Hudson can fuck off and go hang out with her kids because her newfound 15 minutes are up.  And here's hoping A-Rod put those centaur paintings back up in his bedroom because it's just 110 days before he starts 2010 off right by kicking Boston's teeth in.

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