Sunday, August 30, 2009

This Blog is High.... This Blog is Far.... This Blog is...ONLINE!!!!!

Greetings, Yankee fans, and welcome to the newest and soon to be greatest Yankee website on the internet.

Any real Yankee fan knows that the majority of the mainstream media, both on TV and online, has spent the better part of the last 5 years bowing down to the Boston Red Sox while simultaneously thumbing their noses at the Yankees (cough, cough, ESPN). Since Yankee fans can't count on getting any love from them no matter how many games the Yanks win or records they set, it's pretty much up to us to preach the truth, and the time had finally come for me to join the fight.

And so I ask you, fellow Pinstripe fanatics, to join me in the battle. Let Baseball Tonight spend 5 minutes analyzing the Matt Porcello-Kevin Youkilis fight (which, by the way, they still never acknowledged was an epic beatdown of Youkilis by a dude half his size. I haven't seen a textbook judo throw like that since Karo Parysian fought Nick Diaz). I'll spend my time trying to reverse the Pro-Boston, Anti-New York spin that gets put on everything the Yankees do, but at the same time will be fair in my analysis (sort of).

I welcome any and all Yankee fans to join me and spread the word of the site. Send me comments, stories, links, anything that's worthy of promoting the TRUE best team in baseball.

It's time to remind everybody just who exactly runs the fucking show in baseball. And it ain't Theo Eptein.

It's August 30, 2009, and the Yankees are knocking on the door of a division title. The playoffs are right around the corner and it's time to get geared up for a run at the inevitable: The 27th World Championship.


M said...

Rick Porcello

Unknown said...

Thanks for catching the error.

Sometimes I forget there are other teams and players in the AL.