Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Really, Hal??

Oh, Hal.  Not you too.  This is the type of stuff the Mikes Lupica, Ians O'Conner, and Bobs Klapisch of the world are supposed to be force feeding down our throats about A-Rod.  Not you.  All you were supposed to do was talk about the Pinstripe Bowl and you just couldn't resist when someone asked about Alex.

“There have no doubt been times when we've been disappointed in him and we've conveyed that to him and he understands that. But look everybody’s human and everybody makes mistakes. If you've got a guy over the course of 10 years, there’s going to be times any of us make mistakes."

Once again, nobody was talking about A-Rod.  At all.  He's been quietly minding his business and rehabbing in Tampa, with the occasional quick update blurb here and there on his progress.  Now you've got to drag him to the front of the stage and shine the spotlight on him again?  While the team is spinning its tires trying to pull out of its first major slump of the season??

It's mind-boggling.  It really is.  There doesn't seem to be anybody even remotely connected to the Yankee organization who isn't thinking about and hating Alex Rodriguez at all hours of the day.  It's just A-Rod on the brain 25/8/366.  Look, I know that everybody feels butthurt because he lied to you about doing steroids, and he's going to bank half a billion dollars before it's all said and done, and he completely shattered that myth about him not being clutch in 2009, and he's a centaur and you're not, but get the fuck over it.  Get off A-Rod's dick for 5 minutes and keep the focus on the field.

And Hal has no reason to ever be opening his mouth about A-Rod.  You signed him to the 10-year deal, buddy.  You wanted this.  You wanted A-Rod and everything that comes with him and you wanted him so bad in '07 that you completely ignored your baseball people's opinions when negotiating his new deal.  This your bed.  Sleep in it, keep your mouth shut in it, and snuggle right up against A-Rod and spoon the shit out of him in it because that's what you signed up for when you put that new contract in front of him.

Or you could just, you know, decline to comment about him when asked and talk about the current team on the field and what they need to do.  That would be the smart, sensible thing to say.

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