Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yankees Give Minnesota The D

No plate appearances since September 9th?  No big deal.  No starts since September 4th?  Big freakin' whoop.  Relegated to simple pinch runner and late-game defensive specialist duty, AKA roster expansion bitch work?  Ain't no thang.

Because Chris Dickerson is a bad man, plain and simple.  Dude's been worth close to half a win above replacement in just 14 PA.  He walks, he rakes, he steals, he fields, and he's basically an all-around boss.  I like to think I was the first in the blogosphere to coin the "C-Dick" nickname, and in keeping with that trendsetting reputation I am officially declaring that C-Dick as you know him is dead.  Chris Dickerson is now just, "The D."

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