Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bobby V Is Making This Tough For Me

On the one hand, the fact that Bobby V is wandering around the stadium in full uniform on what I presume is a game day, and taking the time to once again make himself the center of attention sets me up perfectly to call him out for doing just that instead of sitting in his office putting together the lineup card or talking to his coaching staff about how they can change things up to help the Fraud Sawx stay at or above .500 for more than a day or 2.  And to turn down an opportunity to rag on Bobby V would be almost criminal.

On the other hand, he did just straight up videobomb the SHIT out of Dan Shaughnessy, easily the most unlikeable sports writer and Bahhston sports personality in the history of sports and the perfect personification of everything that is wrong with the Bahhston sports fanbase.  That quick look of bewilderment on Shaughnessy's face at the 3-second mark when he first hears Bobby V's voice is gold.  It's gold, Jerry, gold!  Anytime Dan Shaughnessy is getting punked out like that, I smile both inside and out.

So I'm torn.  What do I do here?  What path do I take??  I'm stumped.  You've won this round, Valentine.  Well played.

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