Friday, March 7, 2014

Joe's Got The Mental Wheels Turning On All The New Rules

A power outage prevented the replay system from being used in yesterday's game, but via Chad Jennings, that didn't stop Joe from being right on top of things when it came to another new rule change for this season.  In the 7th inning, Scott Sizemore had to slide around the catcher to avoid a tag on a play at the plate, and it looked to Joe like the catcher was blocking Sizemore's path.  Joe immediately went and had a chat with the home plate umpire to get an explanation:

“What constitutes giving them a lane to slide is what I want some clarification (about).  I’d have to see where he was standing, but it looked like he was somewhat straddling home plate toward third base, not behind it, and is that enough?”

Going over potential replay situations in his head, questioning umpires on the definition and proper enforcement of the new home plate collision rules.  It may only be the first week of March, but it sounds like Joe is already in regular season mode mentally and I love it.

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