Friday, January 17, 2014

CC Signs With Roc Nation

(Courtesy of Carsten's Twitter feed)

When you find a way to get your first client a 10-year deal that nobody thought he would get, that's going to draw some interest from other players.  Via the above photo, CC Sabathia became the second current/former Yankee to jump ship to Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports agency yesterday.  Unlike Robinson Cano, he's under contract through at least 2016 and not looking to maximize his earning potential, so there's not nearly as much to this move as there was for Cano and nothing really changes for CC as far as us fans and bloggers are concerned.

I want to like this move, I really do.  But after Cano signed with Jay-Z and turned what should have been an easy re-sign into a new deal in Seattle, I'm not as big a fan of Hova the agent as I should be.  Only a matter of time before somebody else in pinstripes follows suit and joins the new fad.  My money's on Preston Claiborne.

P.S.- I think I might actually be fatter than CC at this point.  That's not good.

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