Friday, June 14, 2013

Draft Signings Update

It hasn't been touched on here yet because bigger issues keep coming up on the Major League field, but the Yankees have been making good progress signing their 2013 draft picks.  If you've been lagging behind in following the draft signings yourself, here's a quick refresher.

Signed: Eric Jagielo (1st Round- exactly slot value), Michael O'Neill (3rd- exactly slot value), Tyler Wade (4th- exactly slot value), David Palladino (5th- value unknown), John Murphy (6th- $188,300 below slot value), Kendall Coleman (11th), Philip Walby (12th), Cale Coshow (13th), Caleb Smith (14th), Jordan Barnes (15th), Derek Toadvine (22nd), Sam Agnew-Wieland (24th), C Trent Garrison (28th), SS Kevin Cornelius (31) and 2B Hector Crespo (34th)

Unsigned: Aaron Judge (1st), Ian Clarkin (1st), Gosuke Katoh (2nd), Nick Rumbelow (7th), Brandon Thomas (8th), Conner Kendrick (9th), Tyler Webb (10th)

Judge and Clarkin are both expected to sign soon.  Judge took BP with the team in Oakland a few days ago, and it was reported yesterday that Clarkin will take his physical in Tampa next Monday and is expected to sign his deal next week.  Katoh will also be traveling to Tampa next week for his physical and is expected to sign soon thereafter.  Thomas took his physical yesterday and should also sign next week.  I haven't seen anything on the other 3 guys.

I have to imagine Judge will sign for slot value like Jagielo did, and both Katoh (low-ceiling) and Thomas (college senior) are expected to sign for below slot value.  Between that saved money and the chunk saved on Murphy, that should be enough to tack onto Clarkin's bonus to finalize his deal.  All in all, it sounds like a job well done on getting the 3 1st rounders taken care of quickly.

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