Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Winter Meetings News & Notes: Day 2

- As I touched on in my C-Grand post below, the Yankees are open to trade talks involving both Curtis Granderson and Phil Hughes, according to multiple reports.  Would have to be a part of a deal to bring back a big-name player to come close to matching value.

- Jack Curry reported that the Yankees talked to Kevin Youkilis' agent and that Youkilis is willing to take a 1-year deal if the money was right.  He was the first of many third basemen the Yankees were connected to today.  I wonder why...

- Ken Rosenthal loosely connected the Yanks to Marco Scutaro, who will surely be outside their spending limit if Buster Olney's report of a 3-year/$8 mil per price range for Scutaro are accurate.

- Jeff Passan had the Yankees at the "very strong" interest level for Jeff Keppinger.  His reported price range is 2 years/$4 mil per according to Ken Rosenthal, and more than that according to Heyman, which isn't super expensive but also more than the Yanks probably want to pay for a fill-in.

- Ken Davidoff reported that the Yankees have met with the agent for Eric Chavez and expressed their interest in bringing him back for another year.  Return of the third base platoon!

- He wasn't a necessity after the Kuroda/Pettitte re-signings, but the Yankees lost out on Dan Haren today when he signed a 1-year/$13 million deal with the Nationals.  Nice little offseason the Nats are having.

- They were only loosely connected to him, but the Yanks also lost Shane Victorino as a potential RF option when he signed a 3-year/$39 million deal with the Fraud Sawx.  That seems like an overpay to me.

- Dan Barbarisi reported Cash's confirmation that the Yanks have "had talks" with A.J. Pierzynski.  Guh.

- A little bit of good news on the A-Rod injury front- According to Ken Rosenthal, the Yankees have insurance on most of Rodriguez's contract, possibly north of 70% of it, that they could collect if this latest injury results in A-Rod being unable to continue playing.  That scenario is unlikely, but at least the Yankees would get a little kickback to reinvest if that contract ends up being that much more of a stinker.

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