Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Third Basemen! Getcha Third Basemen Here!

I think the Yankees pretty much covered the board on connections to available third basemen yesterday.  I read one unconfirmed report that they were in talks with Charlie Hayes' people about a comeback.  Now the questions becomes, which guy gets the golden ticket?

Kevin Youkilis- .283/.384/.482, .377 wOBA, 128 wRC+, RHH, 33 years old

Jeff Keppinger- .288/.337/.396, .323 wOBA, 97 wRC+, RHH, 32 years old

Mark Reynolds- .235/.332/.475, .349 wOBA, 109 wRC+, RHH, 29 years old

Eric Chavez- .267/..343/.476, .349 wOBA, 112 wRC+, LHH, 34 years old

What's your poison, people?  There's good and bad that comes with all of them.

** UPDATE 1:04PM- Sorry to all you Jeff Keppinger fans out there.  Ken Rosenthal and Jon Heyman are reporting that he has signed with the White Sox for 3 years and $12 million. **

** UPDATE 2:05PM- And now Chavez comes off the board, signing a 1-year/$3 million deal with the D-backs according to Jack Magruder. **


Rafael Núñez said...

Jajajajajaja o maybe Scott Brosius...

Brad V. said...

Sign Robin Ventura away from his White Sox manager gig and have him come out of retirement.