Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mo Back On The Mound

Well, sort of.  It wasn't even close to a game situation, and I'm sure he wasn't painting the inside corner with the cutter there, but at least it's something.  He had to be pushing off in some capacity to shoot this ad, so that's a good sign for the health and progress of Mo's knee as he gets ready to come back next season.

It's easy to forget that Mo is still not officially a Yankee.  As we live and breathe right now, he's still technically a free agent, although the situation is an obvious "Yankees or nobody" one for the G.O.A.T.  We were told a few weeks ago that the re-signing process would be a quick one after he formally declared that he wanted to come back, but so far no progress has been made outside of the Yankees stating that their offer would include a paycut.  You have to think with Hiroki Kuroda re-signing late yesterday that getting Mo to do the same is the next on Cash's to-do list.

P.S.- Definitely just put that cologne on my Christmas list.  Always good to smell like a champion, right?

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