Saturday, September 29, 2012

What Did I Say The Other Day?

(#Failboat.  Courtesy of the AP)

Hmmm, I can't quite recall...

"That reality is that the Yankees are still a very flawed ballclub and they're going to remain a flawed ballclub through the rest of the season, however long it goes.

The things that have bitten the Yankees in the ass in the last few postseasons are the same things they struggled with last night and have struggled with all season long."

How'd that play out today?  Let's review:

- Scored 2 runs in the 1st inning after loading the bases with nobody out, and both runs were scored not on hits by the middle of the order bats, but "productive" outs.

- Gave up a run to the opposing team in the next half inning, another failed shutdown inning by the pitching staff.

- Did not score a single run for the rest of the game, and only got 6 more hits, none of them for extra bases and 3 of them infield singles.

- Put at least 1 runner on base in 7 of the final 8 innings thanks to the aforementioned hits, some walks, and 2 Toronto errors, and failed to plate another run thanks to a 2-11 with RISP performance and 2 CS on the basepaths.

- Didn't get length nor a quality outing from the starting pitcher.

- Had the bullpen allow the eventual game-winning run in relief of said starting pitcher.

- Questionable managerial decisions.

There's really no more I care to say about this game because I probably can't do it without breaking something, and I'm not in my own apartment.  This was the 3rd straight terrible loss for the Yankees, and now they get to wait and pray for the Orioles to lose to hold onto sole possession of first place in the division.  And they have nobody to blame but themselves.  Now Mark Teixeira is going to be forced back into action in the series against Bahhston to try to help rectify this situation.  My condolences to his calf.

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