Monday, September 3, 2012

The A-Horse Returneth

It's probably too early considering the minute amount of rehab innings he's played, and it's definitely seems more like another desperation/panic move influenced by the team's dwindling division lead, but no matter the reason, the Yankees have decided to bring Alex Rodriguez back and insert him into today's starting lineup.

I am very nervous, and very surprised, that the Yankees made this move after only 2 rehab games, neither of which are enough to draw a definitive conclusion on the condition of A-Rod's hand.  He DH'd in one game, played the field in the other, and did some side drills yesterday instead of playing a third game, which to me suggests that the hand is still not fully healed and nowhere near able to handle the stress of playing every day, be it in the field, just at the plate, or both.  But with the way the Yankee offense has looked lately, I guess the decision makers are thinking that even the presence of A-Rod in the cleanup spot is a better option than Andruw Jones or Eric Chavez at this point.  And you know what, even if the hand isn't fully healed I would have to agree with that logic.

Here's hoping this quick comeback doesn't lead to a follow-up DL stint.

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Unknown said...

We were led to believe the break in his hand was NOT a separation brake, which means it heals quicker!
I agree, the short time in rehab games is going to be a problem but, not too much of a one!