Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Heads Up, Cody!!

This highlowlight is a pretty accurate visual representation of the kind of baseball the Yankees have been playing during this 2-week stretch of poor play.  Even the simple around-the-horn toss after an out becomes an adventure when Cody Eppley has his head down and Eric Chavez isn't paying attention and doesn't realize Eppley isn't paying attention.  The Yankees haven't been doing the little things lately and they managed to fuck up a little thing in spectacular fashion here.

The classic "oh shit" moment where you realize that whoever you were throwing something to isn't looking AFTER you've already thrown that something.

The follow up "oh shit" moment after whoever you were throwing the something to doesn't look up in time and gets plunked by that something.

Yankee baseball, ladies and gentlemen!  Heroes remembered.  Legends born.

(Screen caps courtesy of Deadspin)

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