Friday, August 26, 2011

The Final Sign That Derek Jeter Is Back

(Later, toots!  Courtesy of Neil Miller, NY Post)

There was the 5-5 with the HR to reach 3,000 hits after coming off the DL.  There was the rest of July where his swing looked like it had some life and speed back to it and his pitch selection was much better than it had been.  There's been the month of August where he's hit .422/.475/.511 in 90 ABs with 6 XBH, 18 R, 12 RBI, including a ridiculous 28-57 (.492 BA) stretch since August 10th that has his season line back up to .299/.359/.388 and reminded everybody just how good he is.

But the final piece of the Derek Jeter Rebirth puzzle was put into place this morning, thanks to this little nugget of info via The Post:

"The Yankees legend and notorious ladies man reportedly has separated from his gorgeous actress girlfriend Minka Kelly after three years.  Kelly’s rep confirmed the split to People Magazine early today.

"They care about each other and it was amicable," a source told the magazine.  "They’re still friends."

BOOM!  It's official.  Derek Jeter, HOF shortstop and #1 cocksman of all time, is back on the open market.  And the timing makes perfect sense.  The wheels of Jeter's decline started turning about 3 years ago, the same time he started dating Kelly.  His all-around awesomeness was starting to dwindle a bit, most likely lessening his confidence in his ability to jump from lady to lady like he used to in his prime.  After last season's debacle, Jeter probably figured (even though he'd never admit it publicly) that as his days as a premiere baseball player were at their end, and that his chances at continuing to be the all-time greatest tail puller would end as well, hence the continuing to stay with Minka and start to make wedding plans.

But then this recent resurgence re-lit the spark inside of The Captain, and he realized he's not only got a little life left in his bat, but that he's also still got some life left in his bat (wink, wink).  And because of that, he knew he couldn't be tied down by Minka.  He had to be free.  His swag is on a hundred-thousand-trillion right now and he's looking to plow.  He's gotta strike while the iron is hot, so he dumped the dead weight (probably a good call considering how horrible the new "Charlie's Angels" show looks) and put himself back out there on the open market.  It's like we're back in 2002 again.  The Captain is raking at the plate and about to rake in the celebrity poon at home.  All is right with the world.

So look out, young Hollwood.  Derek Jeter is back on the prowl.  By this time next week, I guaran-damn-tee we hear rumors of Jeter being linked to Zoe Saldana, Victoria Justice, and Kate Upton.  Or possibly all 3.

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