Thursday, June 9, 2011

No, Really. Can Somebody PLEASE Hit This Asshole?!?

"I don't care what Joe Girardi says.  Take it like a man.  I'm done with that shit."

Seriously, fellas.  If you aren't going to make pitches, limit damage, or get hits with the bases loaded, can somebody at least put this clown in his place?


nutballgazette said...

I think I heard that in 160 games Yankee pitchers have hit Ortiz ZERO times, Meanwhile Jeter and Arod have been hit 40 times by Red Sox pitching, The Yankees need a change of culture, Fire Cashman, Fire Girardi bring in Bobby Valentine, Now that George is gone there is no urgency to win, Maybe that will change when in a year or two there is ony 15,000 fans going to games and TV ratings are lower than QVC

Unknown said...

Let's not get carried away now. I don't think a house cleaning is in order. They don't need a change of culture so much as just a shot in the arm. That's why I've been banging the "bean somebody" drum so hard the last couple days.

And while I'm not the biggest Girardi fan, I don't want Bobby V anywhere near this team. Have you seen the guy on ESPN??? He sounds legitimately insane. And let's not forget that he can't pronounce anybody's name right. Whore-Gay Posada? Mark teck-SHARE-uh?