Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Can Somebody Please Hit This Asshole?

(No, really.  Somebody needs to hit this asshole.)

Seriously, dude.  Why don't you stand and admire it a little longer?  Dick.  And then to say this after the game:

“I’m a home run hitter. It’s not like I do it all the time. But it’s part of the excitement. What can I tell you? I just went deep. You want more emotion than that. I just went deep. It’s another homer for Papi.  That was one of the Papi good ones."

“That’s Papi style.  You saw that before.” (via The Post)

Jesus Christ, bro.  Try not to sprain your AC joint patting yourself on the back.  Yes, you're a home run hitter.  And that's EXACTLY why you shouldn't have standing there like Barry Bonds hitting his 73rd admiring the fucking thing.  Let's review; you hit a home run off a rookie pitcher in what, at the time, was a 3-run regular season game in June.  Not September, not October, June.  You want to celebrate that?  Be my guest.  But don't be surprised if A.J. or CC stick one in your or one of your teammates' ribs before the series ends and don't bitch about it afterwords.  See how you feel about "Papi style" then.

Oh, and tell your buddy Papelbon to calm down with his celebration too.  Dude, you're coming off a game where you completely imploded  and got yourself suspended and then you allowed a run to score and had the tying run at the plate last night before getting off the hook.  Not exactly worthy of yelling and screaming like you just saved Game 7.

But hey, if the Sawx want to treat their typical early-season dominance like it matters, be my guest.  Just don't make excuses when you get swept in September again and don't bitch and moan when Joba buzzes Youk's tower again.  You want to make yourselves targets?  Don't be offended when the hunters shoot at you.

(Photos courtesy of Anthony J. Causi at The Post.  Crosshair Photoshop work by Swanny Duckson.  Douchebaggery courtesy of Fraud Sawx Nation.)


scooterb1 said...

First off, I can't believe we didn't retaliate for the Lester hit batsmen. I don't think he even got a warning. It was basically the same pitch hitting both batters in the same spot--the umpire has got to come out and say "you can't control that pitch. If you use that pitch again, you're out." And then Big Poopi. Please plunk him. And isn't his style using the 'roids anyway?

Unknown said...

I'll subscribe to the theory that Lester was a bit off and neither Teix nor Martin were intentional, but that still doesn't mean somebody should have gotten beaned after that. That's just standing up for your teammates.

But then after Ortiz pulled that stunt and Papelbon freaked out after the A-Rod strikeout, that's a bit more than I can take as a Yankee fan and more than the guys in the clubhouse should take as competitors. I want to see Ellsbury get drilled first pitch to open the game tonight and then I'll be happy.