Saturday, April 12, 2014

Teix Says He Could Return Next Sunday

 Interesting little tidbit from Teix this morning.  He told reporters he expects to be activated off the DL as soon as he's eligible.  That would be next Sunday, when the Yankees will be in Tampa Bay to take on the Rays, and if that happens then it would be a huge boost to the Yankees.  They've scored 39 runs in their first 11 games, which puts them in the bottom half of the league.  They've got guys playing out of position almost every night to cover for Teix while he's out.  Getting him back in the lineup and back at first base would help settle the constant juggling Joe has to do and lengthen the middle of the order out again.

Nobody else in the organization has confirmed this yet, but Teix did start stretching and working out regularly this past week.  If he can get back to baseball activities early next week and the doctors see nothing wrong with his hammy, there's a strong possibility that his expectation can be met.

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