Monday, January 13, 2014

Yanks Sign Robert Coello To A MiL Deal

It's not the flashy signing of a Grant Balfour that I'm sure many of us are still hoping for, but the Yankees did add a potentially intriguing arm to their bullpen cache over the weekend when they inked reliever Robert Coello to a MiL deal.

For those unfamiliar, Coello is a 29-year-old right-hander with 29.0 innings of Major League experience spread across 3 years and 3 different teams.  He made his biggest mark this past season when he pitched to a 3.71/2.52 ERA/FIP split in 17.0 IP with the Angels, striking out 23 and walking 8.  He was moving up the hierarchy of the Anaheim bullpen before shoulder problems shut him down.

What makes Coello a potential diamond in the rough is the forkball he throws.  It's shown in the video above and it's absolutely flthy.  When he's commanding it and mixing it with his low-90s fastball, he's proven to be a very good swing-and-miss pitcher at both the Minor and Major League levels.  If his shoulder is OK, he could surprise some people in camp and sneak into the bullpen at some point this year.

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