Friday, January 10, 2014

A-Rod Willing To Accept Shorter Suspension?

Buried in yesterday's NY Daily News story about A-Rod's plans to fight the arbitration ruling should it end up being not in his favor was this little nugget about him possibly accepting a shorter suspension if that ended up being the decision:

"... sources say the Yankee third baseman would likely accept a suspension of 65 games or less without a fight. The legal fees to combat a 65-game ban would likely cost Rodriguez, who is scheduled to earn $25 million in 2014, more than he would lose in salary."

This is the first we've heard about A-Rod being willing to accept any suspension.  The stance he and his team have taken all along has been that the suspension and manner in which it was carried out was unfair, so it does strike me as a bit strange that they would be willing to accept a suspension after all their grandstanding.  Then again, this whole thing is about money for A-Rod, so if he would be able to save some by not fighting a much shorter suspension that would make sense from a personal financial standpoint.

It's worth nothing that there has been no indication that the decision will be for 65 games or fewer, and there has been no statement from A-Rod or his legal team confirming that they are willing to accept that suspension.  The plan, as far as we know it from their side, is still to take the arbitrator's decision to a judge for an injunction when it is handed down.  Guess we'll find out what the real course of action is when Horowitz issues his decision.

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