Monday, November 25, 2013

Don't Be Fooled Into Thinking C-Grand Really Is A "Serious Part" Of The Yankees' Plans

(Say goodbye to the Grandyman, kids.  He ain't coming back)

With the focus now shifting from behind the plate to the void at second base and need to upgrade the outfield, Cash attempted to keep all options open when he commented on the team's interest in Curtis Granderson last week.  Speaking to George King of The Post, Cash said C-Grand is a "serious part" of the Yankees' plans to address the outfield and is "not a fall-back option."

While that all sounds good at face value, the club's actions don't match up to the words.  If Granderson is such a serious part of what the Yankees want to do to upgrade their outfield, why was it such a hard decision to make him a qualifying offer earlier this month?  Why was the front office still debating whether to make the offer or not in the final hours leading up to the deadline?  It's not like the level of production that Granderson had in his last 2 non-injury years weren't worthy of the offer.  It's not like he's not on almost equal ground with the Beltrans and Choos of the world when it comes to new contract value.  If he's such a big part, why didn't the team extend the qualifying offer and immediate engage him in talks of a new multi-year deal like they did with Cano?

The truth is that Curtis isn't a part of the Yankees' plans.  He's exactly what Cash said he isn't, a backup plan.  For whatever reason, be it the strikeouts, the lack of a defined outfield position, or the fears of his power declining soon, the Yankees don't value C-Grand as much as they do Beltran and Choo and that's fine.  They're allowed to prioritize their offseason targets however they want.  Just don't allow yourselves to buy into these lines from Cash though, because they don't ring true when compared to the team's actions.  Granderson is the 4th-most important free agent outfielder on the Yankees' list at best, and they're only going to truly go after him if all their other options fall through and sign elsewhere.

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