Monday, July 1, 2013


Well sort of.  Nobody has to get told to shut the fuck up on this because it went through the properly scrubbed Yankee PR channels, and everybody kinda already knew this from last week, but it's still big news.    Alex Rodriguez will officially start his MiL rehab assignment tomorrow night in a game for Low-A Charleston.  He'll start at third base and play a minimum of 3 innings.

This marks the final significant step in his return from his latest hip surgery, and also will officially start A-Rod's 20-day rehab window.  There's really no telling how much of that time he's going to need, but I can't imagine the Yankees not taking the cautious approach with him.  Despite all the BS with the media and the conspiracy theories, the Yanks have to be smart enough to realize they need A-Rod on the field and in the lineup.  He should get as much of that 20 days as he needs to come back fully healthy and ready to contribute.

It's not much by way of speed, but it's something.  The A-Horse is riding again.

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