Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'm Done With This Steroid Stuff

So ESPN created another big wave in the still ongoing steroid saga yesterday with OTL's report that Major League Baseball is going to seek suspensions for Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez, and up to 20 other players linked to the Biogenesis clinic.  It's already being treated as proof of guilt by many and is understandably getting a large amount of coverage this morning from all sorts of sports, baseball, and Yankee media outlets.  Well count this guy out of that mess.  Because I'm fucking done with steroids.

I mean it.  I really am.  It's so terribly boring and pointless and just another example of how ass backwards MLB is when it comes to handling "important" issues.  I don't care if Alex Rodriguez gets suspended for 100 games.  I don't care if Frankie Cervelli gets suspended for 100 games.  I don't care if Robinson Cano gets suspended for 100 games.  I don't care if none of them get suspended for 1 game.

What I care about is MLB finally doing something about its pathetic excuse for an umpiring staff and finally starting to enforce some sense of accountability for these guys who continue to affect the outcome of games with unforgivably bad calls.  I care about MLB finally getting with the times on the issue of instant replay and making damn sure their umpires know how to use it to get calls right.  I care about MLB finally handing out harsher punishments to guys who get DUIs, a major problem among MLB players and something that's far more important in the grand scheme of things than a victimless crime like taking performance enhancers.

At the end of the day, this is nothing more than Bud Selig and MLB grandstanding and trying to puff their chest out about how serious they are about "cleaning up the game," even though they willingly turned a blind eye to steroids in the 80s and late 90s just like the rest of us did because they knew it was helping to make them money.  The likelihood is that none of these attempts will stick based on the rules in place and the new CBA, and it's all an attempt by MLB to make themselves look better.  But even if it does, and A-Rod gets suspended for 100 games, it doesn't matter to me.  There are far bigger problems with the game of baseball right now, and until MLB makes a serious effort at fixing those I could give a crap what they about steroids.

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Mike said...

I agree!! So sick of these blown calls when we can get it right 2 seconds after the play and move on. And like that game last month, even with the instant replay, they still get it wrong!! Enough with the Roids!! Getting the calls right is so much more important to what the game is about!!