Friday, May 17, 2013

Latest On Pettitte & Stewart

The injury epidemic of 2013 continued to spread last night, as both Andy Pettitte and Chris Stewart left the game early.  Pettitte's back started acting up again and the team diagnosed his injury as a tight left trap.  Stewart pulled up lame running the bases in the 7th and was clearly affected by something in his left groin.  There was no official diagnosis on his injury.  He was scheduled for an MRI after the game, but as of yet the team has not announced the results.

After last night's game Joe talked down the seriousness of Andy's back.  There's no word on whether he will have to skip another start or two, and I would imagine the team will give him a few days before making that decision.  Regardless of what that decision is, this should still be a greater cause for concern.  This marks the second time in less than 2 months that Andy has had back problems.  No one needs to be reminded that that's not a good sign for an older pitcher like him.  He's dangerously close to venturing into DL territory the next time it flares up again.

As for Stewart, while we won't know anything for sure until word comes out on the MRI findings, Bryan Hoch reported late last night that he could be heading to the DL to recover.  That would put the team in a very bad spot with their remaining catcher depth.  Austin Romine will take over starting duties for the time being, and he represents the only healthy catcher ont he 40-man roster.  Bobby Wilson would be the top internal replacement option, and he's only hitting .174 in Triple-A.  It's just the chance Romine needs if it turns out Stewart does have to go on the DL.  Hardly the scenario New York wanted, though.

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