Saturday, December 1, 2012

Derek Jeter 10, NY Post 1

So The NY Post had a little fun with The Captain this week, posting a picture of him looking a little soggier around the midsection than usual with the caption "Derek Eater."  OK, the name is pretty clever, but was it really that slow a news day that they couldn't have put something else on there??  You really had to go after The Captain?  The guy's in a freakin' walking boot, for crying out loud!  Kinda tough to get your cardio in that situation.  And if you really want to go to the scoreboard, we can do that:

1) Minka Kelly
2) Gabrielle Union
3) Jessica Biel
4) Adriana Lima
5) Vida Guerra
6) Scarlett Johansson
7) Jessica Alba
8) Jordana Brewster
9) Lara Dutta
10) Mariah Carey

All chicks who were in the prime of their hotness and became more famous for dating Jeter.  There's a reason the most viewed post in AB4AR history is the one comparing Derek Jeter to a pimp.  That's because everybody recognizes how awesome he is and women are powerless to stop said awesomeness.  Jeter's probably fat right now because he's done nothing by lay around and have Hannah Davis feed him by hand for the past month and a half, and that's baller.  Now hit the music!

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