Friday, August 10, 2012

Some Numbers From Detroit

(Joe wants some more numbers!  Courtesy of The AP)

Why, you ask?  Because that series was just bizarre and it warrants more conversation about it, that's why.

- 25: The number of points that Eric Chavez's batting average went up in the 4 games.  That'll happen when you go 9-16 and are the only consistent source of offense for your team.

- 68: The number of points that Chavez's OPS went up in the 4 games.  That'll happen when 4 of your hits are for extra bases (2 2B, 2 HR).  Chavez also scored 6 runs and drove in 5.  He was the MVP of games 108-111.

- 9: The number of infield singles the Tigers had in the series.  8 of them came in the last 2 games.  Prince Fielder had 2 of them.  That's just straight up ridiculous.

/D-Rob and Hiroki nod in agreement

- 8: The number of lineouts the Yankees had in the series.  Seriously, the BABIP gods were cursing the Yankees left and right in those 4 games.

- 4: The number of ejections of Yankee coaching personnel this season.  All of them have come against the Tigers.  (Got that one from Brian Hoch)

It was a frustrating start and an inspiring ending to the 4-game ordeal in Detroit.  I'm just glad it's over.

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